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Bottomless Mimosas with Toast All Day

Pinkies up y’all, it’s almost National Mimosa Day! If you love champagne and orange juice as much as we do over at Toast! All Day, then you’re in luck. Every year on May 16th our team celebrates this excellent holiday by popping champagne bottles and offering our famous mimosas at unbeatable prices.

This delicious cocktail dates back to 1925 when a bartender at the Ritz Carlton hotel bar named Frank Meier invented a drink that was equal parts orange juice and champagne. People were loving the refreshing, delicious, and flavorful combination that this drink offered. Eventually, the name Mimosa came about as it was the same yellow color as the Mimosa flower.

Over the last century, mimosas have evolved drastically. When Sam Mustafa opened Toast! In 2005, he loved the idea of traditional mimosas with a twist. As of today, Toast offers ten mimosas, each with an individual and unique flavor. Whether you’re looking for a singular glass or an entire carafe, Toast! All Day offers delicious mimosas all day, every day. Continue reading to figure out which mimosa you are ordering next time you head to Toast! All Day.

Freshly Squeezed Mimosa:
This freshly squeezed mimosa is our best seller. Offered at $7 a glass or $20 a carafe, this staple will certainly not disappoint. We source our oranges from the Charleston area and squeeze them in-house. After producing our fresh orange juice we mix in our top-of-the-line champagne.


Classic Mimosa:
If you’re looking for something slightly less expensive than the Freshly Squeeze Mimosa, then the Classic Mimosa is perfect for you. This delicious orange juice and champagne combination is $5 for a singular glass and $14 for an entire carafe. You can’t go wrong with this delicious option and you won’t break the bank while doing so!


Tropical Mimosa:
Looking for a little pick me up? Try the Tropical Mimosa! It is made with tropical red bull and champagne. This will leave you feeling energized and ready for a night full of fun. Get a singular glass for $7 or a carafe for $20.


If you’re somebody who loves the classic cranberry vodka but isn’t the biggest fan of vodka the Poinsettia is perfect for you. Instead of incorporating vodka into this drink, our team uses a mix of cranberry juice and champagne. Not only is a singular glass only $5, but a carafe is $14. This is one of our favorites!

Peach Bellini:
Take a mental vacation with this delicious Peach Bellini mimosa. By mixing peach schnapps and champagne, we have created the most dreamy mimosa out there. Lucky for you, a singular glass of this delicious drink is $7 and a carafe is $20.


Our hibiscus mimosa will have you feeling like you’re at an afternoon tea with your besties. At $8 for a single and $22 for a carafe, this gem is a mixture of St. Germaine Elderflower and champagne. Pair this one with a Belgian waffle and you will not be disappointed!

Tequila Sunrise:
Who doesn’t love a good tequila sunrise? Join us for brunch and order this staple to start your day off right. Similar to a traditional Tequila Sunrise, this mimosa incorporates Tequila, OJ, Grenadine, and champagne. Get this cocktail-inspired mimosa for $7 a glass or $20 a carafe.

Hawaiian Mimosa:
Take a trip to the relaxing, beautiful, and peaceful state of Hawaii with our dreamy Hawaiian Mimosa. You’ll almost think you are sunbathing on the beaches of Hawaii with this Rum, Pineapple Juice, blue curacao, and champagne concoction. This mimosa is a lot cheaper than a trip to Hawaii so why not splurge and get a glass for $7 or a carafe for $20!


Mock-Mosa & Freshly Squeezed Mock-Mosa:
If you aren’t an alcohol drinker, or you’re just looking for something a little lighter, have no fear as the Charleston Hospitality Group team has put together two Mock-Mosa’s that are extremely delicious! Our Mock-Mosa is made with delicious orange juice and champagne whereas our Freshly Squeezed Mock-Mosa incorporates our freshly squeezed orange juice and ginger ale. Both are under $5 so you truly can’t go wrong!

One Mimosa, Two Mimosa, Three Mimosa…
Now that you are familiar with our delicious mimosas, come cheers with us to celebrate National Mimosa Day. We look forward to sipping on a mimosa (or two!) with y’all!