Meet Sam Mustafa, Charleston Hospitality Group CEO

Photo of Sam Mustafa of Charleston Hospitality Group

Sam Mustafa, CEO of Charleston Hospitality Group

An engineer by training and an entrepreneur by choice, Sam Mustafa is a Charleston-based business owner, operating 11 restaurants and bars within the South Carolina Lowcountry. For several decades, he has invested himself in the area, and every effort he makes is geared towards improving the community.

Before he became a success in South Carolina, Sam Mustafa began in Kuwait. He was born there and grew up with his five brothers. He came to America to pursue an education and enrolled at the University of Illinois to earn a degree in engineering. As an undergraduate, Mustafa began working multiple fast-food jobs and quickly realized his passion for the foodservice industry. He ultimately saved up enough money to purchase his first restaurant, a tiny Carbondale Illinois eatery he named Sam’s Cafe. Few could have predicted that Sam’s Cafe would one day give rise to a multi-million dollar hospitality empire whose portfolio of brands and services now include fine & casual dining restaurants, entertainment venues, and catering.

Today, Sam Mustafa Charleston, SC is the CEO of Charleston Hospitality Group. Founded in 2008, he has constructed a business that is good for employers, employees, residents, and visitors of Charleston. His efforts increase the area’s value day by day. Sam works tirelessly to ensure that both Charleston’s visitors and residents have access to endless options for exceptional dining, unforgettable travel, and sizzling nightlife that fits their mood.